Deadlifts & Death Metal

I recently did some work for an awesome chick named Elissa Jewell (check out her merch) who is a personal trainer and runs her own events around strength training and music. Her monthly Deadlifts and Death Metal sessions are perfect for those who love to lift and love listening to heavy metal with a seriously real trainer.

Elissa is also the founder and trainer who runs the “Women Fight Back” free self defence classes in Melbourne. So far she has booked out all sessions and is single handedly helping women feel safer.

I’m a redhead metal chick from Melbourne who is obsessed with heavy things.Elissa Jewell

Since Elissa was first introduced to metal at the age of 12, she’s been hooked. Her elder cousin used to listen to Cannibal Corpse, Acid Bath and Machine Head, so she would listen to his CDs with him and stare at the artwork in awe.

Elissa is now 33, and has been a coach / sports nutrition specialist for a decade. She’s competed in both bodybuilding and powerlifting as well as coaching numerous clients to the stage, she’s worked with people from all walks of life who want to get stronger, leaner, fitter, or all of the above.

Elissa is currently training for a powerlifting comp late this year, as well as completing numerous nutrition qualifications, going to shitloads of seminars and essentially getting as deep into the science and art of lifting as she can.

My passion when it comes to training is no longer to get people ripped and looking sexy, but to help people to feel powerful and strong. Kind of like how you feel when you’re benching to Bolt Thrower, but you get to feel like that 24/7, 365 days a year.

Too many gyms play the same old shit, but there are enough metalheads who lift for us to start our own gym. Deadlifts & Deathmetal is a way for me to bridge that gap – it’s a monthly event wherein we close the doors to everyone but metalheads, and lift heavy shit to heavy shit.

On her Facebook page, you will find a bunch of articles about how to lift heavier and safer, how to move better so that you can get stronger and fitter without fucking yourself up, ideas on new exercises and how to get them done with great technique and Introductions to anatomy, biomechanics and other sciency shit that’s not too boring, but is presented as stuff you can implement pretty quickly and easily.

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