Emetic Art

If you haven’t heard of Emma Livingstone or at least haven’t heard of Emetic Art, I have no idea where you have been or what you are doing in life.

Emma Livingstone is the owner, creator and brilliant mind behind Emetic Art. She takes Pop Art and puts her own twisted punk-like spin on it. She is known for her love of drawing dicks and for her contribution to the “Drawing Dicks on the Herald Sun” show that showcased in Melbourne.

Emma is originally from Queensland and often goes back to the Sunshine State to spread her love of the weird up there as well. You can often find her hanging around the gamer-bar Netherworld and even when she isn’t there, her artwork covers the walls along with a few other local Brisbane artists.

If you’re into the weird and wonderful and slightly rude, you need to own a piece of Emetic Art. You can purchase prints, pins, badges, T-Shirts, stickers and skateboards by clicking on the image to the right.

You can also check out her facebook here and her Instagram here.

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